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Weekend of Rest

Well, the email front finally calmed down enough for "team Dvorak Zine" to take a well earned break this weekend! As a result there are only a few small updates to report, but as always, there are more on the way!
A few resources for Dvorak-esque layouts in ESPERANTO were added to the International Page (thanks Michael!)
We also added a FREE, open-source Dvorak typing tutor to the Typing Page, which we had forgotten to post originally (sorry Kamil!)
Alec also spent some time this weekend catching up on Zine orders and printing up extra copies which he distributed to the Jigsaw Zine Shop in New York City. He also printed up 10 copies to enter The Dvorak Zine in the Tokion 2005 King of Zines contest. Let's hope it wins!
More improvements, additions and updates will be coming this week!

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