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HEY! LOOK WHAT I FOUND burried DEEP in the bowels of the University of Washigton Libraries Digital Collection. A picture of DR. AUGUST DVORAK (???!)
Although I'm not 100% sure it's him, the following clues suggest that it IS him: 1) CHECK OUT THE KEYBOARD LAYOUT ON THE BLACKBOARD!!! 2) The photo is from November 14th, 1932 which is the same year his famous report on typing was finished (perhaps this photo was taken for a newspaper article about it???) 3) according to the notes for the photograph, on the sleeve is a handwritten note that reads "D. Dvorak Class Etc., U of W 11/14/32"
I've emailed the Museum of History & Industry in Seattle (who own the photograph) for permission to post it here on the website and I'm going to go ahead and use this man as the referenece for my DVORAK portrait. WOO!!!


Visual Reference Request!

My current assignment for my illustration class is to do a portrait of an OBSCURE INVENTOR (??!) I want to do Dr. August Dvorak (of course!) But I need some visual reference. His depiction in the zine was fabricated because I could not find any pictures of him on the internet. Does anybody out there have a photograph of Dr. August Dvorak? Please email it to me if you do! Thanks!


Web Updates Vs. The Front Lines!

Alas, each time I try to work on the DVzine.org updates, something else gets in the way. This time, it's PRINTING ZINES! We got an awesome offer from Microcosm Publishing to help us distribute The Dvorak Zine. So I have to print up 40 copies for them and then I need to print up another 100 (or so) for the rapidly approaching Small Press Expo. (Come swing by and say hello if you are in the Washington D.C. area September 23rd or 24th!)
After refilling my toner cartridge SIX TIMES though, I finally had to buy a new one. With that and a bunch of paper and cardstock (and more toner off of Ebay) I've almost spent $150 this week just to make more Dvorak zines (GULP). So it would be a great time to donate if anyone can help out with a few bucks. We lose money on all externally distributed zines (since they are bought at 50% the cover cost), plus I usually end up giving away as many zines as I sell at these events. I may not be the best business man, but I'm good at spreading the word about Dvorak!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated--every dollar lets us print another zine!