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Dvorak Videos!!!

We got an email from Denmark today, alerting us to an excellent new site for Danish Dvorak Typists: http://www.danskdvorak.dk None of us read Danish, but while poking around the site (which looks great!) we were AMAZED to find TWO Dvorak Promotional videos that had been made by August Dvorak himself! What a find!!
Check them out below and thanks to YouTube user ANCELME for uploading these videos!!!


Summer 2007: Back to Work!!!

Well, as Dvorak-supporter Colin pointed out, it has been a whopping 13 weeks since we have updated the home page. YIKES!
The main reason for this silence, was that Alec has been INSANELY BUSY finishing up his two-year illustration program at Pratt Institute. But on Friday he graduates, and it will be back to work on the Dvorak Revolution!
Exciting things have still been happening during this "down time." The Dvorak Zine received a glowing review in this year's Best Zine Ever and it will also be a "Zine of the Month" for patrons of the Independant Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR. Also, we sorted out some printing problems we were having, so we now have a nice healthy stack of Dvorak Zines to distribute to the world! Alec will be using these at the MoCCA Arts Fest this summer in New York to help spread the word about Dvoark. Swing by and say hello if you are in the area!
There are tons of updates slated for almost all secitons of the site. Also, Alec is going to continue working on the French Tranlation of the Dvorak zine, aided by our new friend Daniel in France! There should be a lot of updates this summer, so keep checking back!