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2006: A Good Year!

Well, I apologize for the lack of updates this season. It just wasn't possible for me to fit DVzine.org updates into my hectic schedule. Next semester will be less stressful though, so hopefully I can get to some much overdue updates and improvements around the site!
Even though the front page was not bustling with activity, GCB, Frunch and I were still answering tons of Dvorak-related emails, I'm still working on the French Translation of the zine (which will hopefully be done by this summer) and the rest of the site saw a lot of use (we broke 60,000 hits!)
On top of all that, we've now printed almost 1,000 copies of the zine and distributed them all around the USA (and to some countries abroad as well!) Plus people are still downloading the readable PDF, printing out their own copies of the zine and reading it online! Let's hope we can keep this momentum going in 2007!!!


Slow and Steady Wins The Race

This picture of Alec, Frunch and the GCB was taken at the Portland Zine Symposium this summer. It was the first time the creators of The Dvorak Zine had all been in the same place since the zine was released back in June of 2005.
I must apologize for the long delay in updating the site. I am EXTREMELY busy with school and work right now, so unfortunately DVzine.org is being forced to take the "back seat" for a while...
But fear not! Email questions are still being answered, orders of zines are still being sent out, I'm still printing up copies for Microcosm Publishing. It's mostly just the website updates I don't have time for right now. I will do my best though! And hopefully the site will get a big update before the end of the year.
In the meantime, I will be at The Small Press Expo October 13th and 14th in Bethesda, MD spreading the word about Dvorak! So swing by and say "Viva La Dvorak!"


Frappr Map and Zine Symposium

Just a quick post to say that Jose' had the great idea to create an interactive map on Frappr.com for Dvorak Typists. We here at DVzine.org think it would be really cool if everyone typing Dvorak marked their location on this map. Not only would it give us some idea of how many people are typing Dvorak, it would also give us some idea of where we are all located!
I also wanted to let everyone know that Alec, GCB and Frunch will all be making an appearance at this year's Portland Zine Symposium. It will be the first time all three authors have been in the same place since the inception of the zine. So come swing by August 12th or the 13th and talk Dvorak with us!


50,000 hits & French!

Sorry it's been so long since I updated the site. The Dvorak Zine headquarters just moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn and I have yet to set up a reliable internet connection, so this post is a little over due...
First of all, we made it to 50,000 hits!!! Thanks to everyone for checking out the site, emailing suggestions and tips, printing out copies of the zine and spreading the word about Dvorak!
Secondly, Microcosm Publishing reordered more Dvorak Zines because they had sold all the ones we sent them, and Alec distributed about 100 copies at the MoCCA Arts Fest. Alec (and possibly GCB & Frunch!) will all be at the Portland Zine Symposium August 12th and 13th so swing by and say hi!
Thirdly, as you can see below The Dvorak Zine is being translated into FRENCH!!! A huge thanks goes out to Dvorak enthusiast Ivan who is sending in the translation one page at a time. We're going to try and have it done for Angouleme this year!

More updates are on the way (after I get an internet connection) so until then, Viva La Dvorak!!!


Calling All Michigan Dvorak Typists!!!

Kim Kovelle is writing an article about Dvorak for Metro Parent Magazine in Detroit. She will be featuring The Dvorak Zine but also needs a testimonial from a Michigan Dvorak typer. So if you are willing to be interviewed, please email us and we will put you in touch with her. It would be ESPECIALLY helpful if you are a parent, but it's not essential. Help spread the word about Dvorak to the next generation of typists!!!


DV Distribution!

The Dvorak Zine has been picked up for distribution by Tower Records!!! We're not sure which stores it will be in, or how many copies they will have, so please keep an eye out and let us know if you see it! We sent them 80 copies, so hopefully they will spread those out around the country!
For those of you in New York City (or the surrounding areas), Alec will be at the MoCCA Comics Festival this weekend (June 10th and 11th) signing copies of The Dvorak Zine and trying to convert as many typists as possible. Swing by if you get a chance. There will be a lot of really awesome minicomics and zines to check out! Viva La Dvorak!


DVzine.org Typing Tutor!

Well, after a couple of weeks of hard work, the DVzine.org Typing Tutor is finally online! So people can now learn Dvorak without even leaving our site! The tutor is basically just a flash interface for Dan Wood's tried and true ABCD Dvorak Typing Course. Thanks Dan for letting us use your text!
There are probably still some bugs here and there, but I think it's good enough to use for now. There are still INFINITE possibilities for improvement (and bells and whistles!) so hopefully it will continue to improve. For now, happy Dvorak Learning! VIVA!!!


Micro Updates!!!

Well, I finally worked up the energy to dig through the DVzine gmail account this afternoon and update the site with the dozens of suggestions and links from all of you. So there are A LOT of little updates all around the site. Some of the more prominent ones include:
Thanks to everyone who sent in tips and links! (And sorry for the horrendous delay getting them posted!) Other than that I'm still chipping away at the DVzine.org Typing Tutor in Flash. Wish me luck!


Site Map / Converter

Well, the version 2.0 site redesign has been fully implemented throughout the entire site! There are still a few content gaps here and there (it seems there's always SOMETHING to work on...) but for the most part the site is up and running. One of the biggest updates is a brand new Site Map which will hopefully help people figure out all the things DVzine.org has to offer.
The other exciting update is our new Dvorak Converter! I built this as a programming "warm-up" using Macromedia's Flash. Next I'm going to begin building a DVzine.org Typing Tutor. But more on that later. For now? Viva La Dvorak!


The Zine Section v2.0!!!

Well, I spent FOUR HOURS tonight completely overhauling The Zine Section. I reorganized a lot of the content that was already there and built some new pages too! Hopefully it will make it easier for people to read the zine, download the pdf and print out their own copies!
The Zine Section is the biggest section with the most pages, so hopefully the other sections won't take as long to update. Please let me know if you find any broken links!
Also, I FINALLY built a little favicon.ico file for DVzine.org! Talk about long overdue! Keep checking back, there should be a whole bunch of new stuff coming in the next few days...


DVzine.org v2.0!!!

Well, if you didn't notice, DVzine.org v2.0 is IN EFFECT!!! Take a lap around the site to check out the new tabbed navigation system. There is also a secondary navigation system with a "You Are Here" arrow to help users figure out WHERE they are in the site and what else is available in that section of the site.
Although I have implemented the revisions throughout the entire site, some of the secondary navigation pages are not linked up yet, as there will still be some big organizational changes coming along soon. Patience is appreciated as parts of the site go up and down in the coming weeks. You can check always check the front page for the most up-to-date info!
In other exciting news, our friend and fellow Dvorak typer Ivan is translating The Dvorak Zine into FRENCH, which will be the first non-English version of the zine (??!) Hopefully that will be available as a PDF download some time this summer. Viva La Dvorak!!!


Navigation v2.0!

Well, things are definitely moving forward with the DVzine.org v2.0 redesign. Armed with some new PHP knowledge from class and a lot of help from my friend Nate Beaty I was able to build these new Test Pages which demonstrate the new tabbed Navigation system. Hopefully that will start to be implemented SITE WIDE starting some time next week

In other news, The Dvorak Zine was recently reviewed by Eleven Year-Old Greta WHO IS NOW TYPING DVORAK! Yeah!!! That might just be the youngest Dvorak typer we've had so far! :) Viva La Dvorak!


Dvorak interview!

Alec Longstreth (the comics artist who drew The Dvorak Zine) was recently interviewed for the Indie Spinner Rack podcast. It's an hour-long interview about Alec's minicomics, but if you skip to about 75% of the way through it, you can hear discuss The Dvorak Zine. He also tells a great story about a recent Dvorak experience that Frunch had in Silicon Valley. Viva La Dvorak!!!


Moving right along!

Well, as I mentioned before, I am now working on DVzine.org as part of my interactive media class. And I think it's actually going to WORK!
I spent about three hours tonight building a new TEST PAGE that implements my new page design using lots of PHP. (Check out the TABS!) I also had to build a new Cascading Style Sheet for the new layout. As if that wasn't enough, I also linked up all the old Archive Pages so you can keep track of how much work I HAVEN'T been getting done on the site in the last few months.
So now it's just a matter of implementing the new design all over the site, going through the backlog of suggested updates and then maybe some other little suprises. Anyways, the ball is rolling! Oh, and DVzine.org is one year old today! Viva La Dvorak!!!


Roadmap for the future

It's been really hard to find the time to update DVzine.org in the last few months. Besides being the webmaster of this site, I am also currently a full-time student at Pratt Institute. Luckily, this semester I am taking an Interactive Media Class which covers topics like HTML, CSS and PHP. I talked to the teacher and she said I could use DVzine.org updates and improvements as my HOMEWORK, so hopefully that will finally force me to complete some updates!
So posted below is a new blueprint for how I am going to lay out the site. Check back throughout the semester for improved navigation and layout and organization. Woo!