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The Zine Section v2.0!!!

Well, I spent FOUR HOURS tonight completely overhauling The Zine Section. I reorganized a lot of the content that was already there and built some new pages too! Hopefully it will make it easier for people to read the zine, download the pdf and print out their own copies!
The Zine Section is the biggest section with the most pages, so hopefully the other sections won't take as long to update. Please let me know if you find any broken links!
Also, I FINALLY built a little favicon.ico file for DVzine.org! Talk about long overdue! Keep checking back, there should be a whole bunch of new stuff coming in the next few days...


DVzine.org v2.0!!!

Well, if you didn't notice, DVzine.org v2.0 is IN EFFECT!!! Take a lap around the site to check out the new tabbed navigation system. There is also a secondary navigation system with a "You Are Here" arrow to help users figure out WHERE they are in the site and what else is available in that section of the site.
Although I have implemented the revisions throughout the entire site, some of the secondary navigation pages are not linked up yet, as there will still be some big organizational changes coming along soon. Patience is appreciated as parts of the site go up and down in the coming weeks. You can check always check the front page for the most up-to-date info!
In other exciting news, our friend and fellow Dvorak typer Ivan is translating The Dvorak Zine into FRENCH, which will be the first non-English version of the zine (??!) Hopefully that will be available as a PDF download some time this summer. Viva La Dvorak!!!