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Dvorak Day - May 21st!

Well, the new site updates are far from over, but people can at least get the idea of what's going on. The biggest update is our new international section where we will be posting translations of the zine and other resources for our international friends of Dvorak.
The other big announcement is that we are declaring May 21st International DVORAK DAY! The original patent for The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout says it was filed on May 21st, 1932 so we thought this was as good a day as any to celebrate Dvorak. (We were going to use Dr. Dvorak's birthday, but he was born on Cinco De Mayo!) The goal for Dvorak Day is to tell at least ONE new person about the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. You don't have to "convert them" but just spread the word to a new person. Just think! If every year we doubled our ranks, eventually we would HAVE to take over, right?!
Anyways, we'll post more info about Dvorak Day as it draws closer and also more about various updates around the site. Viva La Dvorak!


Weekend Updates

Well, Gabe and I are going to be updating the site this WEEK, so there will most likely be a little chaos while pages and sections shift and are updated. We apologize for the confusion this might cause, but hopefully the end result will be a more organized site with better content!
To tide you over while we fiddle with the site, here is a Dvorak inspired Limerick I wrote!
There once was a man named Dvorak.
For inventing, he had quite a knack.
He designed a keyboard
That was largely ignored,
But now it is making a comeback!