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Micro Updates!!!

Well, I finally worked up the energy to dig through the DVzine gmail account this afternoon and update the site with the dozens of suggestions and links from all of you. So there are A LOT of little updates all around the site. Some of the more prominent ones include:
Thanks to everyone who sent in tips and links! (And sorry for the horrendous delay getting them posted!) Other than that I'm still chipping away at the DVzine.org Typing Tutor in Flash. Wish me luck!


Site Map / Converter

Well, the version 2.0 site redesign has been fully implemented throughout the entire site! There are still a few content gaps here and there (it seems there's always SOMETHING to work on...) but for the most part the site is up and running. One of the biggest updates is a brand new Site Map which will hopefully help people figure out all the things DVzine.org has to offer.
The other exciting update is our new Dvorak Converter! I built this as a programming "warm-up" using Macromedia's Flash. Next I'm going to begin building a DVzine.org Typing Tutor. But more on that later. For now? Viva La Dvorak!