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Navigation v2.0!

Well, things are definitely moving forward with the DVzine.org v2.0 redesign. Armed with some new PHP knowledge from class and a lot of help from my friend Nate Beaty I was able to build these new Test Pages which demonstrate the new tabbed Navigation system. Hopefully that will start to be implemented SITE WIDE starting some time next week

In other news, The Dvorak Zine was recently reviewed by Eleven Year-Old Greta WHO IS NOW TYPING DVORAK! Yeah!!! That might just be the youngest Dvorak typer we've had so far! :) Viva La Dvorak!


Dvorak interview!

Alec Longstreth (the comics artist who drew The Dvorak Zine) was recently interviewed for the Indie Spinner Rack podcast. It's an hour-long interview about Alec's minicomics, but if you skip to about 75% of the way through it, you can hear discuss The Dvorak Zine. He also tells a great story about a recent Dvorak experience that Frunch had in Silicon Valley. Viva La Dvorak!!!


Moving right along!

Well, as I mentioned before, I am now working on DVzine.org as part of my interactive media class. And I think it's actually going to WORK!
I spent about three hours tonight building a new TEST PAGE that implements my new page design using lots of PHP. (Check out the TABS!) I also had to build a new Cascading Style Sheet for the new layout. As if that wasn't enough, I also linked up all the old Archive Pages so you can keep track of how much work I HAVEN'T been getting done on the site in the last few months.
So now it's just a matter of implementing the new design all over the site, going through the backlog of suggested updates and then maybe some other little suprises. Anyways, the ball is rolling! Oh, and DVzine.org is one year old today! Viva La Dvorak!!!


Roadmap for the future

It's been really hard to find the time to update DVzine.org in the last few months. Besides being the webmaster of this site, I am also currently a full-time student at Pratt Institute. Luckily, this semester I am taking an Interactive Media Class which covers topics like HTML, CSS and PHP. I talked to the teacher and she said I could use DVzine.org updates and improvements as my HOMEWORK, so hopefully that will finally force me to complete some updates!
So posted below is a new blueprint for how I am going to lay out the site. Check back throughout the semester for improved navigation and layout and organization. Woo!