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Promises, Promises

First of all, 40,000 hits!!?! Woo! If even a FRACTION of those people are starting to type Dvorak, we are making some progress! Viva La Dvorak!
Secondly, I wanted to take a quick moment to disclose my "game plan" for DVzine.org. I'm dealing with FINALS right now at Pratt, but I will then have an ENTIRE MONTH OFF (woo!) I'll be going home to Seattle for a few days, but then I'm coming back to New York where my two main objectives are: 1) To finish PHASE 7 #006 and 2) To completely finish updating and improving DVzine.org!
There are going to be some really neat additions, so please check back in early January for the finishing touches on this site! We are still checking the DVzine email address so let us know if you have any questions about learning Dvorak. Thanks for helping us spread the word!