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Two links and not much else!

We recieved a great link today from fellow Dvorak typer Pupeno. It's a page over at shiar.org that deals with international variations of the Dvorak Keyboard layout. It's got Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Esperanto! Check it out!!!
Another Dvorak typist, Brian, sent us a link to this strange webpage that will automatically convert your typing from QWERTY to Dvorak. So if you were using a computer that you were unable to change the keyboard settings on, you could call up this webpage, type Dvorak comfortably and then cut and paste your text as needed. It's weird. Go see for yourself!
There are still a few loose ends we need to tie up on the site and hopefully we will be dealing with them this week!


Weekend of Rest

Well, the email front finally calmed down enough for "team Dvorak Zine" to take a well earned break this weekend! As a result there are only a few small updates to report, but as always, there are more on the way!
A few resources for Dvorak-esque layouts in ESPERANTO were added to the International Page (thanks Michael!)
We also added a FREE, open-source Dvorak typing tutor to the Typing Page, which we had forgotten to post originally (sorry Kamil!)
Alec also spent some time this weekend catching up on Zine orders and printing up extra copies which he distributed to the Jigsaw Zine Shop in New York City. He also printed up 10 copies to enter The Dvorak Zine in the Tokion 2005 King of Zines contest. Let's hope it wins!
More improvements, additions and updates will be coming this week!


20,000 strong!

Frunch added a TUTORIAL on how to safely rip up the keys from your QWERTY keyboard and convert it to a DVORAK keyboard! He also went through much of the site and made minor additions and corrections.
Gabe sent in a few more Frequently Asked Questions for you all to check out. From SPAIN! What a trooper.
And Alec fixed another TWO spelling mistakes in the Zine (thanks Scott!) and then recompiled the PDFs and fixed the web version too. All printed versions will be updated from now on--sorry to those of you with the original print runs with varying degrees of correctness. (Rare, limited-edition errors! Right?)
We also achieved 20,000 hits today! WOO! Granted, those are not 20,000 unique visitors, but STILL. When you consider that most data suggests there are about 100,000 Dvorak typers in the world, it is pretty exciting to see that A FIFTH of them might have been here (and to the mirrors of the site during our slashdot day!). There are plenty of emails coming in of people converting to Dvorak and convincing their co-workers and friends to try it too!
We will change the world... You'll see!!!


The Dvorak Blog

Well, upon Frunch's urging (and some others!) we have set up a blogger account for the front page here. That'll make it easier for Alec, Frunch and GCB to each post their own updates to the front page!
I also went through and took all of the OLD entries and converted them into blogger entries, so they are up in the archive section now. Aren't we high-tech?
The downside to all of this is I had a BUNCH of other updates I wanted to get to tonight, but the blogger stuff ate up all my time (did I mention I also have a full time job and COMICS to draw???) Luckily Frunch is going to be going through the site tonight, making some corrections and additions.
Tomorrow night I'm going to fix some MORE spelling mistakes in the zine that were found and then recompile the web comic and pdfs. Let's hope these are the last errors! I also have some more FAQs that Gabe sent me from Spain. We are always workin here at DVzine.org!


Street Team Edition!!!!

The Street Team page has been improved with some photos and illustrations. That'll make it easier to download and print out your very own copies of the Dvorak Zine to distribute! Help us spread the word!!!
Thanks to everyone who offered to help mirror the PDF version of The Dvorak Zine! If you download the file, try to randomly pick a server, so no one person gets stuck with all the bandwidth!
Also added some new Typing Tutor and Hardware links to the Type Dvorak Now! Page.
Hey, WINDOWS USERS, check out this great tip from Jonathan that fixes the application specific nature of Windows keyboard settings AND lets you utilize standard QWERTY control-commands while still tying Dvorak! More about it on the Windows help page.


The PDF is back!!!

The BIG news is that the PDF has returned to the Zine section! Thanks so much to our fellow Dvorak supporters for helping us host that file. We are still hoping to get a few more mirrors going, so please let us know if you can also host the file.
Also cleaned up the INFO section a bit with new icons, a better description of Frunch's TYPING ANALYZER and a fixed link in the INTERNATIONAL section.
Lastly, set up a Dvorak Zine CafePress.com Store to sell the new Dvorak Keymap Sticker (which lets you easily convert your QWERTY keyboard into a Dvorak keyboard!). If you have some self-adhesive paper the sticker is also available as a free download over in the TYPE DV NOW! section. If people have any interest, we could get Alec to design a Dvorak T-Shirt through CafePress at some point... Let us know!
Look for the STREET TEAM section to go LIVE this week!



The massive WEEKEND OVERHAUL session has begun! Please bear with us as the ENTIRE site will be making a lot of changes this weekend. We'll list them below as they are finished and uploaded:
Okay... and now it's 4am, so I'm going to FINALLY go to sleep. More content will be added "tomorrow" Zzzzz


New Desktop Images

Added new DESKTOP IMAGES in the typing section as a teaching tool for new Dvorak learners.
Went into the actual Zine files and fixed some "typos" (even though they aren't TYPED!) I think there are only a few left...
PLEASE NOTE: I am working full time at my DAY JOB, not getting much sleep and BARELY keeping up with the barrage of emails and zine orders. I canceled my plans for this weekend and will be working ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday updating the site and getting more content on here. So please bear with me... MAIN GOALS: Working on the INTERNATIONAL section and updating the FAQs!!! Patience is appreciated!



Fixed more TYPOS (geeeeez!) and set up FRUNCH'S TYPING ANALYZER!!!! Check it out in the info section, especially with the "key by key" setting. Totally rad! Good work Frunchy! Changed front page to have updates. Mailed off the first batch of zine orders from 6/14/05



We got SLASHDOTTED! Thanks to Brian McGroarty for mirroring the site for us!!! Answered DOZENS of emails from all over the world. Made minor improvements on the sites (fixed a few TYPOS!!!) and unfortunately had to take down the 3.4 MB PDF version of the zine to be able to make the site LIVE again. (It might make a return!) Solidified plans for an INTERNATIONAL section and a STREET TEAM version of the zine which you will be able to download and print out!!!



Distributed about 100 copies of The Dvorak Zine at MoCCA Arts Fest in New York City!


Phase 7

Sent about 80 copies of The Dvorak Zine to the PHASE 7 SUBSCRIBERS all over the USA! (and Japan, Africa and Spain too!)