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Happy New Year! +100,000 hits?!

Well, it's 2008 and learning Dvorak is a perfect New Year's Resolution!!! :) We've got a few Dvorak-related resolutions here ourselves at DVzine.org central, so hopefully there will be some more activity on the site this year, including a ton of backlogged updates, some translations of the zine (French AND Spanish?!) and some other top-secret surprises that are in the works...

Back in December, our friend Ruth Engelberg was driving home from work in Seattle when she heard Dvorak mentioned on the Sound Focus program. DVzine.org gets a mention about 6:00 into the broadcast, so thanks to Glenn Fleishman and all the folks at KUOW. Hooray for public radio!

Also, UK dvorak enthusiast Colin is trying to get his government to take a look at Dvorak as an official layout for the UK! If you are living in the UK, please sign this petition! He needs 200 e-signatures by April 18th!!!

ALSO, we cleared 100,000 hits on the front page! It's great to think that we've got some new people typing Dvorak from making the zine and this site. Keep spreading the word and we'll change this world yet!

Viva La Dvorak in 2008!