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20,000 strong!

Frunch added a TUTORIAL on how to safely rip up the keys from your QWERTY keyboard and convert it to a DVORAK keyboard! He also went through much of the site and made minor additions and corrections.
Gabe sent in a few more Frequently Asked Questions for you all to check out. From SPAIN! What a trooper.
And Alec fixed another TWO spelling mistakes in the Zine (thanks Scott!) and then recompiled the PDFs and fixed the web version too. All printed versions will be updated from now on--sorry to those of you with the original print runs with varying degrees of correctness. (Rare, limited-edition errors! Right?)
We also achieved 20,000 hits today! WOO! Granted, those are not 20,000 unique visitors, but STILL. When you consider that most data suggests there are about 100,000 Dvorak typers in the world, it is pretty exciting to see that A FIFTH of them might have been here (and to the mirrors of the site during our slashdot day!). There are plenty of emails coming in of people converting to Dvorak and convincing their co-workers and friends to try it too!
We will change the world... You'll see!!!

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