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The PDF is back!!!

The BIG news is that the PDF has returned to the Zine section! Thanks so much to our fellow Dvorak supporters for helping us host that file. We are still hoping to get a few more mirrors going, so please let us know if you can also host the file.
Also cleaned up the INFO section a bit with new icons, a better description of Frunch's TYPING ANALYZER and a fixed link in the INTERNATIONAL section.
Lastly, set up a Dvorak Zine CafePress.com Store to sell the new Dvorak Keymap Sticker (which lets you easily convert your QWERTY keyboard into a Dvorak keyboard!). If you have some self-adhesive paper the sticker is also available as a free download over in the TYPE DV NOW! section. If people have any interest, we could get Alec to design a Dvorak T-Shirt through CafePress at some point... Let us know!
Look for the STREET TEAM section to go LIVE this week!

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