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Well, upon Frunch's urging (and some others!) we have set up a blogger account for the front page here. That'll make it easier for Alec, Frunch and GCB to each post their own updates to the front page!
I also went through and took all of the OLD entries and converted them into blogger entries, so they are up in the archive section now. Aren't we high-tech?
The downside to all of this is I had a BUNCH of other updates I wanted to get to tonight, but the blogger stuff ate up all my time (did I mention I also have a full time job and COMICS to draw???) Luckily Frunch is going to be going through the site tonight, making some corrections and additions.
Tomorrow night I'm going to fix some MORE spelling mistakes in the zine that were found and then recompile the web comic and pdfs. Let's hope these are the last errors! I also have some more FAQs that Gabe sent me from Spain. We are always workin here at DVzine.org!

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