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2006: A Good Year!

Well, I apologize for the lack of updates this season. It just wasn't possible for me to fit DVzine.org updates into my hectic schedule. Next semester will be less stressful though, so hopefully I can get to some much overdue updates and improvements around the site!
Even though the front page was not bustling with activity, GCB, Frunch and I were still answering tons of Dvorak-related emails, I'm still working on the French Translation of the zine (which will hopefully be done by this summer) and the rest of the site saw a lot of use (we broke 60,000 hits!)
On top of all that, we've now printed almost 1,000 copies of the zine and distributed them all around the USA (and to some countries abroad as well!) Plus people are still downloading the readable PDF, printing out their own copies of the zine and reading it online! Let's hope we can keep this momentum going in 2007!!!

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