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Hello everyone! Sorry once again for the long lapse in blog posting. It has been a busy time here at Dvorak Zine Central, as GCB recently moved to New York City where he will be living with Alec. That's right! Two thirds of Team Dvorak Zine will be in the same place. This will make it much easier to spread the word about Dvorak!
Speaking of spreading the word, Alec had a successful trip down to the Small Press Expo a few weekends ago, where he was handing out (and selling) The Dvorak Zine. It was really great to see some returning people, who had bought the zine last year at SPX and now type Dvorak!
We're still waaaaay behind on site updates, but there were a few things we HAD to share right away:
1) We FINALLY set up an RSS feed for DVzine.org! You can use that link in your RSS readers to keep up on our latest updates, and also use it to more easily browse through the archive of previous posts. Web 2.0... WOO!
2) Jonathan emailed us to say that he has set up Step-by-step instructions for converting an apple Macbook keyboard to Dvorak! We were wondering if this was possible, but didn't have a spare Macbook to try it on, so that was good to know!
3) And Mime sent us a link to Autohotkey which is a new utility for Windows users that helps their computer stay in Dvorak more easily and keep the keyboard shortcuts (copy, paste, etc) in the same places. Mime also set up some instructions in their message board so check it out!
4) Last but not least, we are still slowly working on the French translation of The Dvorak Zine. Actually, the translation is done, Alec needs to just finish placing it into the comic. He is almost done wiping clean the pages (which we could also use with OTHER translations) and then he just needs to drop in the translation. Thanks for your patience while he gets this done!

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully there will be some more updates soon (we're doing our best). Viva La Dvorak!!!

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