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Dvorak Day 2009 & New Dvorak Comic!

Don't forget, this Thursday will be the second annual Dvorak Day! Dr. August Dvorak turned in his original patent for the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout on May 21st, 1932, so now each year on May 21st, we try to get people to spread the word about Dvorak. Tell at least three of your friends about Dvorak on Thursday! You can also print out some of our simple flyers or print out your own copies of our zine, to give to people!

In other news, Alec has drawn another Dvorak comic, which was recently published in the Syncopated Comics Anthology. This comic includes the rest of our Dvorak research, which we could not fit into our original zine, and it revolves around Robert Parkinson's 1972 article about Dvorak. The book is available from Amazon.com and you should be able to order it from your local bookstore as well. It's full of other great non-fiction comics, so please check it out!

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