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Dvorak on the iPhone... finally!

One of our commenters, Vere informed us that there is a new App for iOS that (finally!) let's you type Dvorak on your iPhone.  It's called Dvorak by Tobias Mao and it's FREE to install!

It's pretty bare bones - but it works! Let's hope Tobias continues to develop it.  For now it's a start!


Anonymous said...

Swiftkey also provides an amazing prediction engine besides the ability to switch between Dvorak, Qwerty and few more layouts.
I have been using it on android for 2 years now.

Krešimir Špes said...

Fantastic news! Thanks for sharing :)

Krešimir Špes said...

Hmm, switfkey having dvorak? I'll investigate that.

so far about this app - it's generally good but it's missing some crucial characters, I hope it'll improve with time.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty old, but also check out fleksy, it has a dvorak option and is also a really nice keyboard in general