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DVzine.org was down this morning but is now back online!

Monday 9am MST
Just found out that DVzine.org is currently down.  We are looking into this and will try to get it back up as soon as possible.  Will append updates to this post!

Monday 11am MST
Have talked to the experts, who are weighing in on best approach to fix problem.  Should be solved by the end of the day!  In the meantime, if anyone really needs to read the zine, it is mirrored on my personal site.

Monday 1pm MST
DVzine.org is back online, thanks to the help of web-guru, Nate Beaty of Clixel renown.  Thanks, Nate!


Anonymous said...

The experts have massaged the htaccess file and all is DVwell again.

Anonymous said...

Also type on Dvorak. The biggest issue I have encountered are the keyboard shortcut locations.

Best solution I have found is a Gamer's programmable mouse.

Haven't seen many people publish this solution but it works pretty well.