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We Shall Double Our Efforts!

Instead of continually promising to "finish off" the site and then NOT being able to do it because of other time commitments, I'm going to set a REALISTIC GOAL and then actually meet it. SO, Version 1.0 of the site will be totally "done" (getting content into those last few pages with placeholders) by the end of AUGUST. The last few additions will not really add any functionality though, so you should think of DVzine.org as the Second Death Star: It is a bit shabby on the outside, and not quite finished, but still fully functional.
Also, don't forget we've added some Dvorak Zine T-shirts over at our CafePress Store. They're a little pricey because CafePress takes $15 off the top (yikes!) But check them out as T-shirts are a great way to spread the word about Dvorak.

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