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Back on track!

Well, after a whole month "off" from working on the site, I'm ready to jump back in and finish off version 1.0!! Plans include: relearning Cascading Stlye Sheets (and then using them to improve the site), redo some graphics here and there, incorporate the MANY updates people have been emailing in, creating a sitemap and also just filling in the last little gaps around the site.
On the Dvorak front, I just got back from a two-week trip to the Pacific Northwest where I distributed over 100 copies of the Dvorak Zine at the Portland Zine Symposium. Frunch even showed up for a bit to help spread the word!!! It got a great reaction and a lot of people came back the second day of the symposium to tell us that they had relabeled their keyboards or had started typing Dvorak. Hooray!
Also, we made it to 30,000 hits! HOORAY!!! Hopefully we can continue to spread the word about Dvorak and really get some people to make the switch! More updates will be coming and I apologize in advance if some of the site is broken over the next couple of days... VIVA LA DVORAK!!!

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