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The Dvorak Zine: an important part of any collection!

Today, Alec sent me a link to my local library's website, which is publicizing its new Zine collection with none other than The Dvorak Zine! If that page has changed since this post, you can see the image here. At the time of this post, Portland's Multnomah County Library system owns 10 copies of The Dvorak Zine, and 8 are checked out. I think that's pretty darn cool-- and the dvzine team is very excited just to have our book circulating through the fantastic US Library System.

In fact, this is a great idea for all you street-teamers out there: check your local library for a copy of the dvzine, and if they don't have one, request that they put a copy or two in their system! Just think of all the 5th-graders looking for school report topics at the library that could stumble across The Dvorak Zine... and be changed forever!

The Dvorak Zine: Changing the World, One Card Catalog at a Time.

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